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Sportiva-latina, independent news media created to inform the public at large, in a continuous and professional way, about women’s and mixed sports news in Colombia and internationally.


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dfO, the editions


Books, magazines and all sorts of print publications to talk in a different way about sports, favouring short texts, chronicles, reportages and photography. Black and white (B&W) or color products, because sport is also read. Publishing house originated in France that now seeks to develop in Colombia.


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Women's Sport Night


Annual event borned in France that seeks to provide visibility to women’s sport, and is now presented in Colombia. An original encounter, complemented with talks, analysis, culture, theatre, music and several other artistic references linked to sport looking to open the dialogue and media coverage that women seek in order to show their sports achievements.


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Personal Tour Colombia


Guided visits in Bogotá and Colombia. But not just any visit! Fully customized tours based on the interests, wishes and curiosities of each visitor that wants to discover the capitals historical centre or other symbolic cities of the second most biodiverse country in the world. We take the time to listen to your interests to come up with a variety of options…


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Jacques CORTIE

+57 311 895 58 07


+57 310 559 75 30


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